A Storybook; The Lost Breath!

When did it become this, when did the story, come to be? Did I lose my breath, or profoundly taken; the moment I opened, the pages of my heart? It must have been, when I allowed my soul, to be captivated, my heart became captured. Now, the ink bleeds, my words spill, the love revealing, a heart exposed. How a river runs deep, how the ocean deepens. How the depth becomes, the breadth becoming, an amazing storybook. A love story etched, between the pages of forevermore. The essence, the story; the beauty lies within. Like a flower, rooted with deep affection. Every heart has the potential, to live a perpetual bloom. If given, love and devotion. So, when the storms come, when the waves roll in, the love will never drift. A heart living breathless, the soul knowing how to breathe, drowning in the depth of love. A heart finding so many stories, embedded within the paragraphs of love. The touching, the yearning, the needing, the feeling, the embracing; the beautiful exchange, in endearing love. Even if breath, promised for just one more day. Love taking the soul, to deep places. Every minute, held by love’s embrace, breadth for a lifetime. When a heart, is slow dancing with love, who can ever come between, the muse and the verse. They only get to see, how the love moves your soul, this side of time. The next chapter, writes as this; love to the end of time. A real life love story, is an engaging storybook. A heart not living, for the romance. But lose your breath, gripped the awe, taken by the love. The story holding you profoundly, Now and Forever. When, didn’t this become, why wouldn’t the story come to be? About the love, your breath; how it was lost!


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