By Design; Acoustic Love!

Love, strumming on your heart, the melody, echoing resoundingly, in your soul. Love’s symphonic rhythm, tugging on heartstrings, breathlessly like a symphony. The simplicity, the range, the breadth; limitless. Love is, like a beautiful instrumental ballad, sweetly holding you, slow dancing with your heart. Like a deep river, love’s depth drowns your sorrows, in the breathtaking bliss. A heart, lost within the sweet sound of love. Your thoughts, on anything else, but the acoustics. Music to your heart, food for your soul; that’s what love is. A heart saying; let the music play, so the feeling won’t get away. Music to my heart, food for your soul; that’s what love is. Your every heartbeat, transcending acoustically; time and space. In the leveling, the knowing, the being… content. Love, doesn’t require amplification, for there be relativization. Love, has a distinct sound, preceding the move, with a heightened clarity. Even though, a heart can sometimes play the fool. A love finely tuned, sings in harmony. The heart making ready, for the soul to reverberate, what words proclaim. Love is a song, an acoustic portrayal reframed, the expression reformed. So the story can reveal, this is my, endless love!

Hi everyone, as I mentioned a few months ago. My late daughter, took graphic design in college, but wasn’t able to pursue it fully. So, I’m going to live her dream, through my created designs, a poem to go with it, and post them in memory of her. Justinea Angelina Richards, March 9, 1990 to March 2, 2021. I was hoping to post last month, so this is the first one. Hope you enjoy it! Blessings!


18 thoughts on “By Design; Acoustic Love!

  1. Thanks so much for sharing with us, Warren. Justinea is walking hand in hand with Pure and Perfect Love, and like David, you too will go to her, someday!! And together, you will both hold Love’s hands…walking together in Paradise💕 Jesus=Love 💕

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