Love is, the Compass!

You must think, I’m such a fool, being here in this place, time after time. It seems I can’t help, but find myself lost, in love, again and again. Don’t say, it’s a foolish heart, trying to navigate matters of the heart, with blind faith. Faith is the substance, and I have the evidence, you will see. Every encounter, etched within the memoir of my heart. I can’t even, begin to tell you how many times this compass of mine, has led my heart to a place, to reminisce, I would be remiss. Trust without borders, what motives my soul, to go where feet can’t wander. Love is the compass, taking my heart to the place. Where my soul can know, love’s breathless wonder. I am no longer wondering, but my soul does wander. Love, won’t allow my heart to stay, in one place. So, time and time again. I find myself here, in this place, lost. Through the hourglass, the sands of time, will tell the tale. About the compass, within a heart, equipped with a G.P.S (God. Positioned. Securely) The compass, fixated on the northern star, with a guiding light. Love is an instrument, providing the perpetual pull, to love’s heartfelt undertaking. To evade the quicksand, a heart has to be mindful. An ill-advised path, leads to wayward place. When, love is the compass, fathomable has no boundaries, becoming… lost!


14 thoughts on “Love is, the Compass!

  1. This lovely…what a compass..what a surrender heart, a heart circumcised by the spirit of love… Yes you have the evidence…Foolish faith led to the victory…Foolish faith surrenders to the love, grace and mercy offered…
    My brother Warren…outstanding writing expressed from the heart!

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