Limited Visibility!

Mayday, wcr281; declaring a state of emergency. There’s a gaping void, within the center of hearts of today. A hole in hearts, creating an untenable situation. Genuine love, seeping out the hearts of mankind. Limited visibility, making it hard for hearts to see, we’re in this together, humanity. The love that fuels the heart, we’re losing it, there’s a tear in the fabric; this is a mayday. Love, is the tower, strength in the midst of uncertainty. To advise, give hope, encourage the heart, to face fear of the unknown. Why, do we think we can put love on autopilot, and think we can see when there’s a need, for love to act? Real love, will always require our full attention. To avoid, limited visibility becoming, a catastrophic dilemma. A heart loosing altitude, with a sinking feeling, in the pit of your stomach. Regaining faith, when love is truly felt, through an act of compassion. Even, from a thirty thousand foot view, love sees a new horizon. But only if, love is more than just, a blip on the heart’s radar, hearts. So limited visibility, won’t become an extremely clouded perspective. Love, is like an ocean, that won’t let a heart, crash and burn. Stick and rudder, makes love become the instrument, to level off the heart, and keep the love on course. Hearts, letting go of the negativity, will find common ground. Love is a runway, a safe place, where hearts can come together, and take flight. Testing, testing; hearts, are you listening? When the AIR between, becoming overwhelming? Love is the oxygen, helping your heart breathe. When the TRAFFIC, the noises of life are conflicting, with heart and mind. Don’t let your heart, lose CONTROL, of your humanity. Love, what’s stops a limited visibility from becoming, a rapid rate of descent. You don’t have to see the heart, for there to be love, in the atmosphere!


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