Love Is, the Sum Factor!

True love, subtracts the negativity, leaving the heart, positively charged. Love added once, carried by the three, equals the perfect equation. Plus nothing, minus nothing; love going, above and beyond. Expectations, should never be calculated into, but be applied, with worth implied. The extrapolation, being part of the true sum, factored into love’s endless possibilities. The length, the depth, the breadth of, in the sum of love’s relevant factors. A heart, factoring in every facet of love? The sum will always be greater than, and never less than; more than just a hypothesis. Equal application of love, not based on a formulation of thoughts, but a desire for the love to be… intentional. Multiplied constantly, divided equally. Lets the sum become, a heart at the center of the equation. The square root of two hearts, will forever equal, one… heartbeat. When Love is, the sum factor!


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