The Close Encounter!

When, the heart catches sight of, love’s true intrinsic nature? It’s a soul discovering, love is an encounter. In the knowing, breadth becomes, in the anticipation, the wait to exhale. The objective, to be a heart on an exploration to know the inevitability, love’s deepest expression. The soul searching, the heart seeking, to be changed by the encounter. In the height, the soul perceives to what length, wherewith the heart will journey, to look deep into forever. Experiencing the vastness, of being lost in love. Where, even old stars display, how a profound love still cascades, timeless. Where, time doesn’t eclipse, the first encounter, the final story not yet told. When, it’s too dark to see love? Finding the width, how we discover the depth. In knowing the breadth, we come face to face, with the quintessence. Hand on your beating heart, how you feel if the love is breathing, truly. And if, truth be told, the first encounter, what captured the heart. The second, what took your breath. Of the third, love’s endearing kindness encountered; a glimpse of heaven. Love’s intelligence, the wonder beheld, the heart giving witness. That true love, is never unidentified. The soul knows, when it becomes, a close encounter!


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