Stitched, pieces of ourselves, our well being, mind, body, soul; tethered. The fabric held, the texture becoming, the breadth expanding, love’s quintessence. Every breath, doesn’t need to exhale seamlessly, to be flawlessly imperfect. When hope, is joined with faith; love and joy entwined, makes peace, seem attainable. Sustaining love, repairs fragmented trust, mends broken-hearted. Heart and soul knitted, is kept intact, by love’s undistracted devotion. Sewing and weaving, strengthens the truth. Love, basted beneath and within, prepares the heartstrings. To be tugged, but the trust unbroken. Even when, your world seems to be unraveling. Love’s tapestry, won’t let the heart come apart, or become frayed; only swayed, by love’s endearing grace!


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