Within the Deep!

This heart of mine resides, in a deep place. In the breadth, there’s an oasis, within a deep river. A lifetime will afford, forever will become, my soul searching the depth. To fathom, to become, to be, breathless. Within the deep, love deepens, my every breath. I don’t wait to exhale, I desire to go deeper, give love my every breath. Within the deep, my heart is swayed, my soul swept away, to the deepest place, my innermost. A love so deep, won’t drown, but enlighten. When, love is like a beautiful river, it immerses you, wholeheartedly. Love, what If? What if, I held it, forever? Would my heart gasp, when the breadth deepens? What if, a tidal wave of emotion, overwhelmed my lungs? Would my soul, be able to fathom, depth within a deep ocean, of love? What if, I gazed at love endlessly, would my soul catch a glimpse, of forevermore? Would my heart know truly, not even a scintilla of doubt could eclipse, what my soul knows; deep love is, forever. Love, whisper it to my heart. What if, I stopped holding my breath? Would my soul, ever know how to breathe again, without you? Deep places, deepens with time. Profound love, lives in moments, in love’s intrinsic beauty. The place, where love takes your soul. Within the depth of a river, deep love is found, residing within the heart… of a woman!


18 thoughts on “Within the Deep!

  1. This line “Would my heart know truly, not even a scintilla of doubt could eclipse, what my soul knows” made me think love is not just heart deep it’s soul deep. But, I’d like to know—what you were “saying”/meant to communicate with this line Warren?!

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    1. You basically have it. When the heart, is truly wiling to drown, within the deeper meaning of love. No doubt, no circumstance, will ever eclipse or sway the soul. To live every day, in the deep, for if you do, the love will be forever!

      Let me, put it into context. On our wedding day, 35 five years ago, when I making my speech at the reception. I confessed out loud, to my wife, all the MANY doubters, and God. Quote, “I don’t think this marriage will last, I KNOW IT’S GOING TO LAST!” My heart, was prompted to say it, because my soul already knew it! Between this love, and God’s love, that what both mean to my soul. Living in the deep, for me not just words. Within the breadth, where my heart lives!


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