The Bouquet!

Friends, may I indulge, can I gift your heart; a bouquet of my love? In the searching, for the sentiment; I found within my heart, these poetic leaves. For you, I have stored up, danced with the tulips. Driving around, I didn’t miss, Daisy; has an innocence, a purity. The scent of love, lilies in lovely watercolors. Love, long-stems from what truly blossoms. Through the giving, in the sharing, you discover, love’s crimson beauty. I have questioned, why roses have thorns? It shows that we all, bleed the same. I have asked, what makes violets blue? But in the end, this one thing my heart found; love is, about affirming. My friends, special, that someone is you, every day. Don’t think my love, just a bunch of pretty words, beautifully arranged. Real love, is an expression, that bares the soul. I don’t, want the thought to count, I need, the love to be true. Meaningful love, doesn’t leave a faint hint of, love’s quintessential fragrance, lingers. Love drops on roses, a heart presenting, love’s endearing display. A heart in bloom, becomes a breathless flower, with a perpetual hue. Love compliments, the color accents; a heart willing to give, the best of what’s inside!

This one’s for you, friends, save a copy!


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