Conquer Me?

You might think, you can conquer my resolve? Just because, a subtle beat in my heart; sounds like a ten count. You can believe, you can vanquish my faith? But don’t bother, for I will never relinquish… my God given authority. A faith with a rebirth, will always show through; steeped in much resilient. You can try, to trounce my last bit of hope. But, riddled a thought would be this; how can you ever subdue, what you never had the power to restrain? Free will, is undergirded by living hope. That can’t be stomped out, without the power first be given. Some days, it might seem you have my heart backed into a corner? But, you must know this; whenever my backs against the wall? My big brother, will always have my back. The heart of a conquering lion, won’t let you triumph over my soul. So, try all you want; you can’t capsize my hopes. I don’t depend, on just having dreams; my reality is this. When passion, and desires recklessly collide? The love becomes an ocean, with a heart knowing drowning; breathlessly in a familiar place!

Even if, it seem I’m a bit defeated? Trust me, I’m just catching my second wind, and soar like an eagle. You can try, yes; you will try, but you won’t get the best of me. An overcomer, will surely be victorious. When overpower fear, meets the blood sacrifice, and words that makes it a testimony. You can overthrow a ruler, but can you tell me this? Have you yet figured out, how to defeat a surrendered heart? Getting me to raise my hand, thinking it would make it easier to arrest my heart. Raising my hands, having an exposed heart? Becomes the foolproof way, to show I’m about to get the victory… over, and over; again, let me remind you, it’s finished. You can’t crush my spirit, upend my forever. A temple destroyed, in the end; will again be raised. You can’t capture a prevailing faith, tethered to a liberated hope. Bring me to my knees, exactly where I need to be, to forever conquer you. Conquer me? Not I, you first; have to overcome the cross!


Knowing, In The Right Place!

Life, not about trying to get; from A to B, but arrive at the place. Where a heart can forever know in thee, at rest in I see You. Knowing, Your love will never fail; to resuscitate living hope. Resting in peace, within Your intensive care unit; Father, Son, Holy Spirit. In thee my heart, for my soul knows; no other place, will be able to compare. In every season, a revived faith; will always bring an enlightened perspective. New, doesn’t always mean a change; just a renewed vision. To know what, becomes the next place, where your soul needs to be. Where it truly starts? A heart knowing, and trusting. Your love, will be there too, at the same place. New life, can never be. If breathing alone, becomes the only intent. Drowning breathlessly, can also bring about, a true awakening. A place where, you truly wake from your rest. With your faith, feeling rejuvenated. A place, where hope again needs to be the restart. Reestablished, in just You. A new season, doesn’t need to become a new resolution. Just a renewed decision, to not just let your heart, end up back in the same familiar place. To see the new day as a relaunch, your heart first need to know. What foundation, becomes the true launching point, and on what you truly stand? I don’t need to reminisce, don’t want my heart to be moved, by nostalgic feelings. Not be just caught up, in the presence of love. But profoundly be ruptured, by the breadth therein. A heart taken back, to see where the love started. But also the place, still yet to be attained. A place where, a heart received first sight, but the soul knows forever, and a day. In a season of change, the vision and the clarity; needs to be one, in the same. A heart, and soul; In The Right Place!


To The Point!

Being pointed, not about walking around; acting like nothings wrong. It’s about trusting, that everything will be made right. Having sight, blessed with true insight. Will always eclipse hindsight, when the vision, becomes an enlightened 2020. Where I find the might, to continue the fight. Faith, will always come under fire. My heart, will never try to escape the flames. Every day, becomes another test; in whom You put your faith. Even when, a disastrous situation comes trying to consume. Show you’re a soul always on fire, a heart already consumed; with a burning desire. I don’t run from the fire, but run into a graceful embrace. To sit, at the foot of love. To admire the true beauty, and cast every care. A heart quietly breathing, a soul overwhelmed to know what resounds. A heart so loved, beyond words. I know, my friends. Sometimes, we get to a point; find ourselves pondering the pointed question. Why, does the days have seem to become, a seemingly pointless faith exercise. But, even though the fire burns hotter; let not your faith, become a heart singed. We may not understand, God of Grace, is faithfully working out the details. There’s always a point, to what seems as sheer madness!

So much going on, in my world, the world. But God, this remains forever true; this world needs You. Even though, our hearts may lose sight of the road. The journey is a heart focused, faithfully walking every broken road. The only bright horizon, my heart sees with every new dawn. Getting caught up, in the rapture of You. Hearts, have become so pointed. Only Your love, can clearly point the way to true freedom. Even though, it’s met with a wayward point of view. “Que sera, sera; whatever will be, will be.” One thing is true, living water, can only fall afresh. When a heart, and soul has a thirst for more than just, an everyday reign. Here’s the point. Why fear, every corrupt thought? When it’s an indifferent heart, that will forever keep a soul in chains. Bread of heaven, breadth of God; we need You to breathe. Show every heart, life begins, and ends with You. And if, oh Lord; You need a vessel? Let it be Your love, breathed through me!


Song Inspired; Be Alright!

Do you, feel the world is broken? Do you, feel the shadows are deepening? Do you, feel the tide unprecedentedly rising. There’s a love, a shining light; a presence that will silence, conquer every fear. For every shadow, that wants to cast a doubt. For every feeling, that wants to break your heart. For every tear, that wants to capsize your faith… for a brighter tomorrow. Hush, let your peace be still. A love to embrace, when heartache and pain. Makes it so plain, your soul what it wants to claim. But, Love has a name. With it, a heart can confidently proclaim. With my soul, it is well. My heart, will be alright. From every battle, wanting to make the heart turn. A heart on the run, can find a hiding place, within wide open arms. A soul finding a comforting release, for every bottled up tear. Chains break, when a soul knows the Sure; the place where a heart first believes. An ocean of love, will be worth being drowned; A soul living within the deepest love? The unfailing breadth, of God’s love. In the darkness, through every trial. God’s love will forever be, the faithful friend. The promises true, the love deeply secure. Captivator, of the searching heart. When the day comes, with all the testing. Let all the stressing, be turned into a resounding blessing. In every dry bone, His love can put back, whatever’s missing. Restore, whenever seems broken pieces. Todo va a estar bien (everything, will be alright). Even when you don’t see it, the love is forever moving. Even when you can’t feel it, the breadth will be a mind blown. Even, if you don’t believe it? The love, will be undeniable, and the power forever!

Song excerpt: “Father, You say everything will be alright. But my circumstances say, I won’t make it through the night. I need Your word to hold me now, to pull me through. I need a miracle, a breakthrough; Father, I need You. They say, You hold the whole universe in your hand. My world’s falling apart, like it’s just made of sand. Am I small enough, to slip through the cracks? Can you take my broken pieces, and put them back? Give me faith to believe, You’re forever by my side. Open my eyes to see, your love working in my life. Let the past be a reminder, You have never failed. Tell my soul, it is well.”

This song inspired, be alright. Is a silky smooth gospel song, by Evan Craft, Danny Gokey, and Redimi2. The song was released in 2020, and for those who haven’t heard it? I highly recommend it. We’re in the Christmas season, and 2020 has been an unprecedented eye opener. But most of all, may it have been a heart opened; to a realigned perspective! In the picture, I wanted to encourage hearts. I included a few words, with a different language translations! Have a blessed weekend!


The Need!

There’s a true need, but so many hearts; seems to be off in the weeds. On their behalf, I have this simply pled. We need to heed, and show more good deeds. I want, hearts to stop with all the greed. Above all, I want wealth, and health. Not for me, my heart has all it needs. This request, I want for all who are struggling, with what they lack. I want, humanity to get back to the place. Where you can again, agree to disagree; to at least be respectful… to one another. I want, for people to stop taking advantage, of all the vulnerable hearts. I want the fast pace, to become moments of a heart reflection. To just slow down, ease a bit off the gas; and gently pump the brakes. So many hearts, are forever racing; so many heartbeats, seems to be out of control. At the end of the day, one thing remain the same. The world is still round, what goes around, still comes around. So therefore, why not the momentary pause; the stop, to truly realize? Life, not about just ending up; right back in the same place, a heart still feeling lost. It’s okay, to ask for a direction. If the want, came get your heart to the need; the predetermined destiny. I want this, I want that. I want every soul to be living well, every heart to be truly swell. Yes, I have many wants, but yet; just one need!

I want your kids, and my kids; to truly know loved. I want every day, to be sunny. I want, long life for my honey. I want my jokes, to tickle her funny; bone of my bone. I want the whether, to cast no more cryptic shadows. Whether your heart, is not worth dying for? You need, to know absolutely. I want, to see world unity. Can anyone, please tell it to my heart. Is asking to see a real peace plan, man; is that just too much of a want? I want, to see more compassion for all. I want Acts, Kindness; to be more than Random, hearts in tandem. Tell me, when does the wants of a heart. Shift into what becomes, the absolute true need? What I truly want, see with all my heart. The relentless pursuit to find, what every heart needs. Just so the nothing missing; can truly become nothing broken. Yes, I know, I know; my heart, wants so much. But, if not me, then who; will know, The Need? In the midst of all the wants, every heart should truly realize. Needs, are graciously being met. This, not about my wishlist; just, the need I have for you. You see, here the thing. As for me, and my heart. I fervently cling, to what my soul forever needs to be, the main thing. For nothing else, will ever do. None of the wants, could ever replace. What has become my one, and only need. What was in a birth, came from the life well lived. A heart willing, to show to what depth; love made this need profoundly possible. A settled heart, will truly know all the wants. Comes out of a soul truly knowing, they already have the one, and only Need!


My Identity!

Picture this, your true identity; will never be a validated forgery. But, what truly allows your heart, to forge into your destiny. An identity, not defined by just what’s created; but what was carefully formed, through a divine creation. The Creator crafts, but only your heart alone; get to experience the breadth. Only one identity, can truly give a heart full access; into a heavenly bliss. An identity, has a representation; but your heart needs to know, what you truly represent? A true identity, not about your status; or what’s meaninglessly validated. You can identify, with having access to your breath. Only for access denied, a heart truly struggling; just knowing how to simply breathe. An identity, can build character. Pinpointed accuracy, will still mean a life missing the mark. Adjust, and show how far you’ve come; and to What Degree? An identity is about naming, not shaming. Not about a hard to read name tag, or just a fade with time hashtag; but a heart clearly recognized. An identity with a distinct signature, etched upon your soul. So others can always identify, to whom your heart truly belongs? A close similarity, can still mean a heart… unrecognizable. Being of a true likeness, will never be a heart and soul; ever called into question. Your uniqueness, what makes you truly different; what forever sets your heart apart, for an entry gained. Two expressions, relatable showing the same values; will surely be quantified. One, plus One, plus One, plus One. To a wide open heart, the truth will be revealed. For a soul to forever perceive, that the answer equivalents to One, in the same… Identity!


Show, and Tell!

I bring my heart, to Show Your love will forever be; the true object of my affection. The worth, would truly be irrelevant. If Your love, wasn’t the true breadth. I can divide up my day, but yet in everything. The day would still be, just for Show. If my heart couldn’t truly Tell, that time is relative; to the moments truly lived. Every day, school will always be in session. A heart learning, a soul truly thriving. When every new experience, becomes a new love expression. What you intend, has to be more; than what becomes just pretend. Thinking, your heart has all the answers. Never a soul demonstrating, it’s a life well lived. Sometimes, we do have to pretend. A heart Showing a wonderful smile, while a soul simultaneously Telling; what burdens, in a silent prayer. Sometimes, weights are lifted. Sometime, a heavy heart needs to be carried; to test your resolve. A heart can yell and scream, but what message… would that send? If in the end, the homecoming is the Tell. A love Showed, as being truly faithful; “I man, after Your own heart.” Erase the lies, let Your love be the only story; written deep in the crevices of my soul. May a deeply revered love, forever be the resounding truth. A Show without question, a Tell that truly resonates!

A heart with room, for an increased volume of love. Letting all the repetitious noise, become the decreased. Knowing how, to abide in the stillness. Where whispers of love, becomes such a blissful peace. A life with an unequivocal Show; and a soul with a true Tell. Something, your heart and soul can truly Show. When the day, just wants to Tell… another story. To represent, the true heart of a son and daughter? In the still be, the representation; with the heart of a child… Why have a heartbeat, if love is not forever; what tethers every wayward heartstrings. Within every smile, with every glimpse into your heart. What should be clearly seen, the Father’s love. A heart called Show, a soul will a predestined to Tell. To Show the greatest love story, and Tell of the encounter. What’s in, the deeper meaning of love. For if, breathing is just for Show? Then true living, will never be a heart with a distinctive Tell. Even if, you know others will talk, about what you have come to believe? Don’t be scared, to put your heart on display. Bring your heart to a place, where you know flawed; is nothing to ever be ashamed of. Show that all the imperfections, and the beauty are one in the same. A heart, and soul made perfect; with every Show, and Tell!


To What Degree?

Six inches, the degree; to profoundly miss the decree. The whole heart, what give unto thee. There has to be a shift, to understand the race; not given to the swift. A transformed life, begins with a changed heart. Faith like a child, how a life meant to thrive. More than words, more than a good idea. The journey, letting the love move from head to heart. Every breath a journey taken, a soul harken; to be moved by the stillness. To know if every degree, does fall afresh? To know what degree, was your heart made? Carefully, to be wonderfully displayed. A bigger blessing, requires a greater love for thee. A love meant to be tight, given with all your might. Even if, the day becomes another battle tested fight. Raise a hallelujah, let the praises roar; heaven will come to fight for you. Let love, forever walk with your heart, and through your soul. Don’t let what’s just an issue, stop you from pushing; through all the crowding thoughts. To become, a heart deeply touched; eclipsed by a love, greater than the nth degree!

To find your blessing, to know the true degree of God’s love. Based on to what degree, your heart’s willing to be led… to the deeper truth. Go, find your seat at the table. A place matted, reserved for your soul to feast. Knowing, what’s in a peaceful rest. What begets, your soul finding abundant joy. Even in just a smile, the world will feel the Father’s love. Let compassion be, kindness seen not just as a random act. To truly love with open arms, there first needs to be… an open heart. Endless love, flows through a deep river. Every day, let your heart make love new. What direction, becomes the true destination. Being vertical, the only way to see a breathless horizon. Knowing how to let go, sets your soul to know to what degree; your heart will let the truth of love, take hold? Being emphatic, not just about being sympathetic. But puts on display the degree of a love, raised to be truly epic. Jesus wept, to display to What Degree; how deep the Father’s love!



When you encounter deeper, every thought therein becomes captivating. A place where you don’t rely, on living by your own breath. Where breathless becomes the place, a soul starts to know true living. My heart can make this plain, but the depth in trying to explain captivated; what can’t so easily be articulated. So therefore, I open my heart to be the instrument. To capture words of love, let the never ending crimson ink overflow; the pen to paper. The love, my heart can never claim the copyright. For my soul knows, who truly hold the rights. I’m not here to prove anything. Just here to share, what has become truly everything. The proof, what your heart will need to find. The experience, what will become plain. True captivation, when your heart embraces deeply loved, and let the love become everything. Captured, to be a heart locked… in a forever gaze. By the Captivator, of heart and soul. A heart captivated, a soul breathlessly living in the renowned. The keeper of my heart, the lover of my soul; one in the same. Amazing love, a soul blessed; breathing it in… with every breath. Every encounter, a profound change.. in me. My name, found meaning; but my meaning, found in the embrace. A searching heart, will always find; what’s truly sought. A love held precious, too wonderful for mere words. A love tender, captivatingly beautiful. Just trying finding words, makes a heart so breathtakingly lost. A love with such a graceful presence, a beauty unmatched. All goodness in my heart, couldn’t dare to be compared; to such an extraordinary love. How can a heart not be, forever captivated? A soul be deeply moved, knowing such an extraordinary faithful love. All of me, to be all I need; this is Jesus!