Healing Words!

Words, can be a sword, that cuts deep. An arrow, that pierces the heart, leaving a lasting scar. Words, can shatter your confidence, leave a heart broken, for years. But, with God; words have healing. His Word, is a two-edged sword, to conquer your fears. Loving words, piercing truth like an arrow, that won’t leave any scars. That won’t shatter your confidence, won’t leave you broken. Endearing words, have so much healing; every syllable, every verb, within every verse. Every new breath, is a blessing. Every new day, is a treasure. Every new year, is the revelation; Grace is amazing, God is love. If you’re praying, He’s listening. If you’re believing, He’s is working, healing your heart. You don’t have to see it, to believe it. You don’t feel it, to know it. You don’t have to hear it, to know it. If He hears, when your heart cries? As long as you trust Him, His love will prove it. You don’t have to be happy, to know it, and show it. Show someone that, “I Love You,” are healing words!


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