Lily of the Valley!

In the valley, love is the seed, planted intentionally within. Faith, watered daily, lets hope grow gracefully. Time, reveals a heart blossoming, love never withering, by an indifferent perspective. Love, like a breathless flower, is poised to capture hearts, change minds. A heart wide open, greets the beloved light, love’s engaging dawn. Love, pure as a dove, offers an olive branch. The love given, the breath taken. The heart, captivated by the nuance, in love’s breathtaking hue. A life, rooted within layers of love, a divine arrangement, for the heart and soul. Love language elevated, doesn’t always need words. For the love to be a fragrant bouquet, love’s beautiful display. Lily of the valley, love has a pleasing aroma. In love’s fertility, its purity prevails, its innocence reigns. Love provides texture, love gives life context. Love is consistent, love is consisting, love consist, petals of enduring grace. Colorful, love is, a brightly colored, flower. Love, can never be taken, love is gifted, beautifully exchanged. In living colors, profound love comes alive, spectacularly. Passionately, in valleys the lily rises, love’s majestic bloom!


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