Father, first and foremost, my deepest thanks, for all my heart has seen, Your love been. You’ve been so faithful, time after time. You’ve given my soul, far beyond my need. You are my confidence, to wait patiently, until You speak to my heart. Father, You know my heart. Whenever my soul cries out, You’re always there, in the silence. Speak, I’m listening; still my heart, let my soul hear, the still whispers. Father, I know, so many times I’ve let You down. I’m so grateful, You have room for me, at the foot of Your heart. Why would I dare, how would my soul fare, if You, hadn’t always been there? I’m so amazed, at what You’ve done, and what my heart truly knows; You’re Everything. Father, I’m a man of few, but my words are true. My heart can’t imagine, where my soul would have been, without Your love, in my life. When, my heart was drowning, in my silent river, You breathed for me. You, taught me how to sail, in Your ocean. In the darkest moments, I press deeper into You; Your love is my hope. Whenever I am lost, You came to find me. When the tears fall like rain, there You are, to hide my soul, from the storm. When, my heart is in deep waters, I know, You will be there. When my soul is on fire, Your love I thirst. Your love, taught me how to love deeply, how to live freely, how to see clearly; Your heart. Whenever I fell, You were always there, to lift me up. When, I’m on Your shoulders, I am… part of You. My heart, is not asking for anything. I just, want to give You my affection. Grace, Beautiful Grace, You have such love for me, my heart can’t find words; I’m Speechless. Abba, You alone, can fathom the depth of my love. So many things, my heart had to let go. So Your love, could forever teach my soul; what it means to truly know, a daddy’s love!


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