Love is, a kinetic motion. It moves you to action, discharged feelings, becoming energy. Resulting, in what materializes. The heart’s kinetic performance, effecting change, in the mind’s posture. Love moving towards, a heart tugged by the kinetic need. Feelings, moved by love’s gravitas. The gravitational strength, makes resistance to true love, futile. If the heart is open, and the need equated, love will respond. Kinetic art, love painting a work of art. Kinetic force, love’s spirited action, compelling the heart, with an act of kindness. Kinetic energy, love’s undeniable power, to sway a heart and mind. Rain, spilling from the eyes, kinetic emotions, in the form of teardrops. In the rise, the fall of every breath, kinetic rhythm moves the heart, space and time in heartbeats. A heart swayed, the mind reacting, kinetic thoughts into motion. A poet, sharing its deepest prose, kinetic poetry converging, poetic thoughts, muse, and words. Colored brush strokes, more than figments on a blank canvas. Kinetic expressions, pigments becoming an artistic display, the nuances of love!


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