The Twelve Days of Valentines; on the fourth day!

• iTrade You my heart; just so my heart can know real love.

• iTrade You my time; just so my heart can give You my undivided attention.

• iTrade You my hands, just so You can take hold of my heart; keep it close to Your love, now and forevermore.

• iTrade You my eyes; just so You can keenly peer into the depth of my soul.

• iTrade You my thoughts, a mind is a terrible thing to waste; I want to be able to remember every bit of Your love.

• iTrade You my soul; who really needs a soul, if a love like Yours isn’t also in it?

• iTrade You my voice; just so I can hear Your love speak endlessly into my soul.

• iTrade You my breathe; better yet, take it all. I will just lose my breath again, the very moment I step into Your presence.

iTrade You everything, for they would truly be worth nothing; if You ever took Your love from my heart. So open up Your fountain, fill my heart with just a drop of Your love; that’s all I need, for my soul to feel forever Yours!

On the fourth day of Valentines my true gave to me, a love; that gives me everything!


The Twelve Days of Valentines; on the fifth day!

Hon, can my heart, and your love go on a date tonight? Babe it’s love month; you’re my valentines. So how about dinner, and a show; I want to show you my heart. Hon, it’s not movie night, but I hope that my love can still move you; girl you’re still my leading lady. So girl let’s not worry if it’s dinner by candlelight, instead lets dine under the moonlight; so I can gaze at the stars within your eyes!

Girl this is our valentines date night, and my heart wants to show you a good time. So honey feel free to laugh out loud, if my love still tickles your fancy; I still love to see you smile. So babe, don’t be surprised, if from time to time I stop; just to admire your love, and gaze endlessly into your heart. Hon love is in the air; between my heart, and my soul. So girl, give me a second to breathe it all in. Woman, I don’t know if my heart will ever be able to exhale anytime soon. Candy girl, my chocolate love; my heart is still sweet on you!

On the fifth day of valentine my true love gave to me, a love so sweet; that my heart still can’t help, but to be wrapped up within this love!


The Twelve Days of Valentines; on the sixth day!

You don’t desire for me to try harder; but harder is what I believe I need to try.

You don’t desire that I should put you first; but first is were I know You belong.

You don’t desire for me to give you money; but I have to invest in you, before I can see a return.

You don’t desire for me to give you all my time, but why not; when you’ve been there for me time after time.

You don’t desire for me to always get it right; but getting it right should always be my desire.

You don’t desire for me to lavish you with gifts, but I so desire to lavish Your love with just one gift; my heart.

All you’ve ever desired is to forever have my love; but all I’ve ever desired, is to forever give You my heart!

On the sixth day of valentine my true love gave to me, so much love; the one thing my heart truly desired!


The Twelve Days of Valentines; on the seventh day!

Heart, why are you so hopeless? You can’t even control your own heartbeat; you’re always skipping a beat. So heart it’s truly safe to say; that you’re absolutely hopeless!

Heart why do you have to be so giddy, you’re not even a kid anymore; so heart that’s why I have to call you hopeless!

Heart is there any hope for you, or are you absolutely determined to live this way; for a lifetime? Heart it’s absolutely fair to say; that you will truly forever be hopeless!

Every morning you get up smiling, knowing that you’re extremely blessed; just to open your eyes, and see the beautiful sunshine… right next to you! Heart you’re early to rise, but heart, it’s truly astonishing just to see; that you can still manage to be so hopeless, even at six o’clock in the morning!

Heart I’m just completely lost for words, and I’m trying to put you into words; but it absolutely seems as if you’re just too hopeless… ly, in love!

On the seventh day of valentines my true love gave to me, a heart; hopelessly devoted!


The Twelve Days of Valentines; on the eighth day!

I am so infatuated with Your name; every night my heart calls it out within my dreams!

My love is captivated with Your inner beauty; now my heart is forever locked within Your gaze!

Your love is so addictive; twelve steps, and my heart still can’t seem to break my addiction!

Your heart is simply irresistible; I want to touch it, not just admire it from a distance!

Your spirit is so infectious, but I’m absolutely sickened; that my heart used to keep Your love at arm’s length!

Your presence is mesmerizing; can I please stay dazed within it forever?

Your love sees so deep into my soul; not even a broken heart stays hidden from Your loving gaze!

Your voice is so soothing, say my name say my name; let my love forever be on Your lips!

On the eighth day of valentine my true love gave to me; a love so amazing!


The Twelve Days of Valentines; on the ninth day!

Rock Paper Scissors, is a game that people play; when they’re trying to figure out what’s in a heart? But I don’t need to play games; to know that Your love will always be the rock. So take me by the hand, for Your love already has me by the heart; Your love is what rocks my soul. Use Your love to chisel away the rough edges, chisel your way through this heart of stone; make all the jagged edges smooth!

Some days my love can be silly, but most days my heart is just like putty; being molded within the gentleness of Your love. So rock me within my heart, rock me to the depth my soul. Blow my mind, just like a feather; being blown away by every breath of Your love.

On the ninth day of valentine my true love gave to me, a love; solid as a rock!

The Twelve Days of Valentines; on the tenth day!

Your Love Is My Everything!

Your love is every breath I breathe. Every breath I breathe in, every breath I breathe out; every breath within me!

Hide my heart within Your love, hide my heart beneath Your love. Hide Your love deep within me!

Your love is within my every heartbeat. Your love begins the first beat, Your love will be the very last beat; Your love is what beats the heart within me!

Every moment my heart is held within Your love, every moment my heart is held within Your arms; is every moment my heart is held by a love, that just won’t let go of me!

My love gets lost within Your heart, my heart gets lost in Your presence; Your love can forever be found, within me!

Your love is every breath I take, Your love is within every breath I get to take. Let Your love be the very last breath, that breathes out of me!

On the tenth day of valentine my true love gave to me; a love that is truly everything, to me!


The Twelve Days of Valentines; on the eleventh day!

Cherish The Moments!

Ladies first, that’s what it says on the first page of my book. Don’t believe me,

just take a look on page one, paragraph one; it’s written on the first page of my heart!

This one is for the fellows. Bro, do your very best to put your lady first; for they are truly one of a kind. Well, that’s how my heart sees it, and before you can ever change my mind; you will first have to change my heart!

So tell me my sweet valentine; if I truly promised to keep your love as the only thing that stands out on the very first page of my heart. And learned how to be extra sensitive, as we together turn the pages on the next chapters of our lives. Would you truly see, that I’m taking the time; to cherish every bit of your love?

On the eleventh day of valentine my true love gave to me; a love that I could cherish… forever!

The Twelve Days of Valentines: on the twelfth day!

Making Love… A Routine!

If we never make doing what matters most a routine.

Then routinely what matters most; will never truly be worth doing!

So my true love, I will make loving you more than just a routine;

I will make it my life’s work. I want your love to be felt so deep within my bones;

that it forever shifts my heart. And when my bones finally meet the dust,

loving You will truly have become; my hearts greatest achievement!

On the twelfth day of valentine, my true love gave to me;

a love felt deep within my bones!


The Secret!

Someone asked me the question; “what’s my secret to a long lasting marriage?” Without hesitating, I said; “there’s no real secret!” Then I followed it up by saying; “JUST LOVE THE ONE YOU’RE WITH!” Love will never be perfect, for it’s not about finding the right person; “but you becoming the right person… for them!” There is no secrets to real love, just love the one you’re with!

Too many people rely on their feelings to guide them; when it’s the heart that truly knows best! You can never make someone love you, but you can make yourself completely love them; for better or for worse! I also look at it like this; “even if you don’t always feel the love, still continue to give the love!” You can help change a heart, when you truly know how to change a mind; Yours! That’s probably the, “secret;” that seems to elude so many hearts!

You just need to make up within your heart that you will love them forever, and never question; if they will also love you forever? For me the question was never about her heart, but mine; “change first starts within!” So the question you need to ask yourself is this; “are you willing to love them, until death do you part?” So search within your heart and truthfully ask yourself the question; is valentines a day you remember to celebrate the one you love, or do you love that every day you get the opportunity to appreciate; the one you get to celebrate?

So go ahead and honor them on that very special day, but also celebrate them; on the other 364 days of the year. For when you have discovered how to love completely. You would have finally found that love has never been a secret; “but a matter of the heart!” So come closer, let me whisper into your heart; “the secret to love has always been… within you!”