Pretty Words!

I admit, it hasn’t been easy; learning how to be truly vulnerable. Learning how to express my heart, getting prepared to share my story; this real love!

I’ve always had this fire, burning deep down within my bones; but the flame of truth would sometimes flicker. My heart seemed to be always chasing, seeking; but when you truly don’t know better, you find yourself chasing the wind. I thought I was chasing after a love that would make my heart breathless, and fan the truth within my soul. I’ve never needed pretty words to move my heart; I knew faith was what moves mountains!

So I spent a lifetime trying to measure up, but my heart just seemed bigger than the rules. It wasn’t about what I was doing, but about what was already done. My heart just needed to grow in stature, and faith; but all around was just pretty words, not the substance needed to build a heart. They were nicely put together pretty words, but I still couldn’t measure up; they were pretty, but they were just words!

So my heart had to study, yes, my heart had to listen. To when true love spoke into my soul; within a whisper, within a small, but still… I had to truly listen. My words sometimes get caught up within a flow, but they will never get in the way. I don’t need pretty words to know how to feel; I just need faith… to believe. I’ve learned that pretty words are truly meaningless, just like chasing after the wind; if they’re not forever grounded, within real love!


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