Sweet love, how sweet is thy love. How my soul does sicken; whenever my heart just can’t seem to feel thy presence. My eyes swells, then the rain falls; Your love moves the tears. Your love knows no bounds within my soul, my heart is forever bound up within thee; Your love is the remedy!

Day and night, night and day; Your love moves quietly, as it paces throughout my soul. My heart is desperately trying to keep up, with the rhythm of thy love. Your love quickens my heart, quench my desire I pray; Your love is the only remedy!

My heart shall make haste into thy bosom; to find comfort within thy loving embrace. To gaze endlessly into thy love, to let thy beating heart ease the pain and sorrows. My heart aches for thy love, the fire of thy love rises up within my soul. One day the heartache and pain shall cease to be no more. When my soul finds rest within thy love; the perfect remedy!

Just a spoon full of sugar will do, my heart’s already addicted to the taste of Your love. Your name slips easily off the tip of my tongue, my lips don’t even need to say another word; Your love is the sweetest indeed. Your love weakens my knees, but strengthens my heart. I can now stand with boldness; Your love was the remedy!

Even when my mind tries to resist Your advances, my heart gave in to Your embrace. Pray tell; what am I to do, I have a heart condition? Your love is the cure, Your heart is the treatment. Pour into my soul, make my heart green with envy. My love for You is the sickness, but Your love is also; the remedy!


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