Have I truly given You everything, and nothing less? I’m trying to give You my best, but I should be given You my all. You deserve my every breath, every single beat within my heart. Your love is my soul, but are You the soul reason; why my heart, even wants to live and breathe? Why was I so hesitant, when it came to total surrender? Was I once bitten, then became twice shy? My heart needed to be BOLD, maybe I just needed Your love to CAPSIZE my soul? After all, I promised to make my heart Your everything!

Was my love ever fooling You, or did I just have a foolish heart. Time has gone, and I now realize. That I’m passionate about a lot of things, but my heart is only moved by one thing; Your love. You’ve given my heart so much of Your love, a true sacrifice for sure. I said that I would completely trust Your love, You see into me; but do I trust You enough to to show You everything? I am letting go of my heart; everything is Yours to have and to hold. Change is never easy, but necessary; for growth!

Words are not even enough, to express that Your love is everything. You deserve the very best of me, but sometimes I sure do question; can my heart ever be everything? So my soul cries, tears on my pillow; my heart is a lonely place, without Your love. You deserve much more than just my everything, but everything is the place to start. I’m ready to let Your love take control of my heart, I’m scared that on my own, I wouldn’t truly give You everything; until my heart became Completely Yours. But just my heart alone, to me, that’s just not everything; without my soul!


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