Into Words

My heart has something to say; let me try to put it into words. There’s this love, a love that has forever blown my mind; how can I truly put this into words?

This love is amazing, this love is so beautiful. But I would be absolutely remiss, if I didn’t mention that it’s truly wonderful; this is just me trying to put it into words!

This love is nothing short of glorious, but more than that it’s magnificent. So I can’t believe that my heart is absolutely struggling; trying to put this into words!

This love is so much more, more than my heart and soul will ever deserve. I’m just so grateful, that my heart can even attempt; trying to put this into words!

There’s not even a single word, that will adequately define this feeling; this truly is an indescribable love. This love sees into my soul, but is forever a part of my heart; but yet, I can’t put it into words!

My soul is so overwhelmed, my heart cries a river; this love fills me, this love is the ocean. My soul is drowning, trying to fathom the depth; my heart wants to know the length and breadth of this love? Can anyone tell me why; why can’t I simply put this into words? Maybe it’s because my heart is so full, trying to explain the lover of my soul? This love is within my soul, the words are within my heart; but I just can’t, put it into words!


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    1. Thank you for the comment, the likes, and that you decided to follow my love story! I’m also glad to hear that it made an impression on your heart; may you continue to be blessed, and inspired!


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