Grace, you have showed my heart so much love, a love undeserved; my soul is forever grateful. Grace why did you move toward me, why does your love continue to move me; your love is so unwavering!

Grace please tell me this; why do you love me so? Your love is a treasure, more precious than silver and gold. Grace you’re so close to my heart, how I cherish your worth; so beloved!

Grace your love and kindness blows my mind, my heart is overwhelmed by your presence; your love brings tears to my eyes. Grace there’s no words that would adequately express your worth, your beauty is beyond compare. Breathtakingly stunning, nothing will ever compare!

Grace when you found me, I was lost, broken. My eyes were wide open, but my heart was blinded. The darkness that hovered over the surface of my heart was great, but your love was so much greater!

Grace you’ve been so faithful to my heart, a true companion for my soul. Grace your love is powerful, strength for weakness, is found within your embrace; hold me… forever!

Grace, you are the love of my life, a love beyond compare. I’ve made so many mistakes, but yet; I have Grace. Your love has set my heart free, I’m so in love with you. Mercy, your love has forever captured my gaze!


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