Limitations; but not with Love!

The world puts a statute of limitation, when someone commits a crime. But no one can ever put limitations, on what I would do for Your love. A crime of passion, that’s what my heart committed. The day I took Your love, and locked it within my soul. But years later, my heart has realized, that it’s time to confess; that this love is truly special. This love is making my heart do the unthinkable; expose the passion locked deep within.

Sure, this might seem a bit perplexing to the untrained heart, but the time has truly come. To tell the world, that there’s no statute of limitation, for the passion locked within a heart. Oh, don’t get this twisted, don’t ever say Despicable Me. You too would do the same thing, if the desires within; was kept under lock and key. The time has come, to step out of the shadows, and into the court of public opinion. I’m ready to let them judge my heart, my heart has already been exposed. My confession are all being noted, through the words within this love story.

I will just throw my heart on the mercy of love, and let this love have its way within my soul. Throw the book of love at my heart, it will be read cover to cover. Lock up my heart within this love, throw away the key; my heart is already free, bound up within this love. There’s no statute of limitation on a crime of passion; love the stolen moments. My heart will forever relish the moment; when my heart was locked away, forever within this love.

Many have stolen hearts in the name of love, but how much of them; are willing to stand true for what they believe in? I’m not a special case, my heart is just willing to do life; love was meant to be a lifetime commitment. The question is this; how about you, are you willing to commit to love? The true crime would be to love, but forever keep the passion locked up forever… inside!


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