Love’s Standing By!

When you find yourself lost within the darkness, and you can’t see your way through; love will lead the way.

When tears fill your eyes, and you can’t even see past the rain. Let love pour into your heart; love’s standing by.

When you can’t find the strength to get up, stay where you are. Just stand on this courage, you’re not alone; love’s standing by.

When the sun shines bright, but you still can’t seem to see past the darkness; be still and know. The light of love can still out shine the darkness; love’s standing by.

When I look through the fog of life, the love God is all I see; standing, waiting for you. Don’t let despair be your guide, don’t ever lose hope, keep the faith; you’re truly not alone. Look up, see the love through the rain. Stand with courage, for the light has come. God’s love knows your heart, His love is standing by; let His love, be there for you!


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