My Cup!

My cup is full, but yet so empty; how could that even be? My heart is open, pour within; fill my cup. Fill it up, let my heart overflow. My heart has tasted bitter roots, but Your love has turned my heart from bitter to sweet. Your heart is the sweetest, a heartwarming love; Your love burns deep within. My heart has been through much; but Your love still fills my cup!

It doesn’t matter how tough an exterior may seem, a heart can still break. Fragile, handle with care; that will never be the label that forever stains my cup, fill it. My heart is the cup, Your love is the substance. Just knowing that, fills my soul, with so much joy. My heart was once a jar of clay, but Your love is what has molded my heart. Fill it up, let Your love burn within!

My skin is like coffee… black, but my soul will now and forever be red. Your love has changed my heart, from the inside. All I want, is for the world to truly see; that Your love is overflowing, on the outside. Put one hand on my love handle, then use the other hand to wrap Your love completely around my heart. I want to feel the love, stir my soul; with just the breath of Your warm embrace!

Your love moves me, I want to pour out my heart and soul. For Your love gets my heart so shaken, but I just cannot help to be absolutely stirred; just knowing that Your love wants to feel my every heartbeat. Let Your love call my heart home, let our hearts forever be one.

You’ve poured so much love into my heart, and now it’s spilling out into my words. I am ready, so ready to let the whole world know; how much I’m in love. Fill my cup, fill it up; quench the thirsting within my soul. Mmm, Your love is so good; for my soul!


26 thoughts on “My Cup!

  1. God’s love is everything! Warren, I am pleased to read your gifted work. My favorite line overall:

    “My skin is like coffee… black, but my soul will now and forever be red.”

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