How ridiculous, nothing but amazing; to be loved by You. People might think that’s laughable, maybe they think it’s a bit comical. That’s okay, with my soul; my heart is chuckling. I have a joy, enough said; unspeakable. They just don’t know, what it’s truly like; to be ridiculously loved by You. I can’t blame them, I too had a foolish heart. But now I know that it’s ridiculous; that I even get to be loved by You. But now it’s become serious, they need to know what it’s like; to be loved by You!

My heart is getting to know the height, the depth, the length and breadth of Your love. Just to grasp that, my soul would know how real, how wide, how deep is Your heart; how amazingly rich is my soul. Your love fully knows my heart, but better than that; it’s ridiculously loved by You. Your love whispered into my heart, pulled me close; then turned my heart absolutely inside out. Now it’s truly mind blowing, how I’m allowing my heart to be ridiculously exposed. My heart can no longer hide it, my soul won’t ever deny it. This love is so real, truly remarkable; my heart is forever in love!

My heart will never deny Your love anything, my soul wants to give You my everything. Sure, this might sound a bit ridiculous, my heart is not even my own; the price has already been paid. When my heart seeks You, my soul will find You; then my love will truly get to know You. You won my heart, by the truth I’ve found within Your love. I can’t even lie, Your love is now my truth. Ridiculous, maybe, but true; nevertheless. All my dreams are found in my every heartbeat, that’s were Your love forever resides. If my heart doesn’t have You, then my soul has absolutely nothing. Let them say whatever they want, my heart is fixed within Your gaze. My heart knows Your name, but my soul will forever call this love; Ridiculous!


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