Dear Sweetness!

My sweetness, before our hearts became one; my soul was so bitter. But now it seems I can’t do without you, you’re a love so sweet. Continue to pour your sweetness into me, I promise to always receive your love; my soul still has a desire. Your love is truly a blessing; double double. Your sweetness is not just needed once, not twice; but three times it seems lately!

I could truly never get enough of your sweet love. Stir up your sweetness within my heart; my soul will never be into sugar free. Oh me, oh my; your sweetness will never stop being my weakness. I don’t want to be shaken, but need to have every bit of my soul; forever stirred up by you. Sweetness, you have such wonderful qualities. My my my, you truly are the sweetest!

You bring so much to the table, but would it be absolutely presumptuous of me; to call your heart my own delectably wrapped up sweetness?

There’s absolutely nothing else Equal, but you; you’re truly Splenda, in every way. Your love is absolutely Sweet and Low, felt deep within the depth of my soul. My sweetness, you will always have my undying love and affection; because your love fills me!

Oh, let me ask you this; does my love feel as hot today, as like the moment our hearts became one? I can handle the truth, or do you just see it as the sweet… tea; you once used to know? Your sugary substance is still the very essence; your love is still my delightful treat. Your heart is the sweet love my soul still craves; bitterness, no longer becomes me. Your love is just right for me, you’re just sweet like that. Thirty years my heart has been enjoying your sweetness; it’s a love thang. Just a spoonful of your love, is more than enough to sweeten my heart. Sugar, your love is, will always, will forever be; just right… for me!

Yours truly, Coffee; Black!


27 thoughts on “Dear Sweetness!

      1. I don’t tell anyone, I always leave the interpretation up to the reader! Inside scoop; it’s also a story about me and my wife, even the ending you like. The last word tells you a bit about me. Blessings to you!

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  1. I love it, Warren! I love how you ended it with Coffee, Black and especially love this line:

    “Stir up your sweetness within my heart; my soul will never be into sugar free.”

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