The Reign!

Your love is the sound we hear; the reign. It beats against the pane of our hearts. Soothing the heart, a comfort to the soul; it’s the reign!

I feel the love reigning within my heart, I feel it reigning down into my soul. Let it pour to the depth, let it reign to the very end; the forever reign!

Let the reign forever overwhelm the heart. Make the rain never stop falling from our eyes. Let our heart be so overwhelmed, that the rain washes away every doubt; that Your love will forever reign!

Drench our hearts, let the reign seep into the crevices of our minds; and soak intimately into the depths of our souls. God Your love is the overflow, our forever reign!

My silent river will run deeper, my heart has become forever exposed. With just a touch, with every little kiss from Your love; our souls can feel the reign. Showers, Jesus, Your love is an outpour of showers. The clouds are opening, let our heart be always open, to know that Your love; forever reigns!


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