Good Good Father!

Abba, before I took my first breath; Your love was already breathing within my heart. Before I ever spoke a word, Your love was keenly listening to my soul. Before I took my first step, Your love taught me that it was about baby steps. Master the crawl, Your love will never make me fall; You’re such a Good Good Father!

Such a breathtaking love, sometimes I can hardly speak; breath be taken. A love undeniable, a love unexplainable. How it taught my heart how to crawl, until I became a man; who knew how to love, unconditionally. But Your love didn’t stop there, it’s taking my heart deeper still; You’re my Good Good Father!

Daddy, even when my heart seemed like your foe, Your love still wouldn’t let me go; a love so Relentless. Your love fought for my heart, just trying to give peace to my soul; my heart truly knows Your name. Daddy, I Love You; You’re a Good Good Father!

Fathers, do your best to be a good man. Dads, love deeply, love faithfully; deep down, that’s who you are!



The Chains; Broken!

The chains are broken, let them fall to the ground. The chains are broken, lying on the ground are they. Pieces, they are just pieces; the chains are no longer resting against your heart. Breathe, let your soul breathe; the chains are broken. Fasten your soul with the belt of truth, secure your heart within love. Let love arrest your heart, don’t be handcuffed by what lies within the unknown; if someone sees the pieces, will they ever link it back to your heart?

Shackles, they were never shackles; just a chain with linkage, your heart was never linked to a chain that binds. Don’t believe the lie; that your heart will forever be in chains, let that link forever be broken. Life can sometimes fight against your will to resist. Always fight back, push back if you must; resistance will never be futile. Don’t ever let fear keep your soul a prisoner; fight the power that be. Break free from the mind games, don’t get roped into peer pressure. Cut the ties, the ties that tries to bind; fight to keep your heart free!

You might ask yourself, if the chains were truly broken; why can’t you see them on the ground? My friend, don’t look through the lens of the eyes; see into your soul, through the lens of faith. The chains were broken, the very moment your heart was set free. Don’t hang on to brokenness, let that what is broken; be the chains that tried to bind!



Within my heart, that’s where Your thunder hides. Striking, that just a simple way to explain Your love. My heart knows that it’s been absolutely struck by Your love. Once a day, that would absolutely be a lie. Constantly, to others that would be absolutely shocking, but to me; Your love is just fierce!

My heart, tried to outrun Your love, but now my soul is trying to fathom the depth of Your heart? Even knowing the height and width, would have never prepared my heart; to be so moved by the length and breadth. Your love is like a massive tidal wave, colliding over and over with my heart. Oh God, Your love is so fierce!

Like a hurricane, my heart just can’t escape. Your love chased me down, seeks me out. How could I have not known; that Your love just wants to take my heart to higher heights. Your love is tearing through my soul; ripping away the flesh. Tornado, that word doesn’t describe; Your love is that fierce!

Blazing, Your love is ablaze within my heart. Backdraft, Your love is so much more than a phenomenon. Your fire consumes my air, but yet; Your love is also my oxygen. Take all the air within my lungs, open up my heart. Let there be an everlasting explosion, until Your love becomes the only air; not toxic to my soul.

Hold me, right there, right there; Your love is touching my heart. Relentlessly pursue my heart, catch this tiger by the tail; until my love too, becomes fierce!


Ignite The Fire Within!

I hope you truly don’t mind if I pour out my love upon Your heart? You surely must know that Your love is like gas on my fire? Your love is the spark, that forever lights my heart. So ignite my soul, until the fire of Your love burns deep within. Fuel my heart with Your love, until it burns out of control; let it burn forever, within my soul.

To most people, this poem might seem a bit self serving; this is absolutely just that. I need Your love, to be what completely fills my heart. So don’t ever stop, my heart could never ever get enough of Your love. What else can my heart say; Your love is the high octane fuel, that powers my soul. Sure, it might seem as if I’m pouring it on extra thick? But it’s a thin line between love and hate. So I would love, if You could fill me up with every bit of Your love. I would hate, for You to ever stop; just let it overflow!

Fill me up fill me up. Your love is like water, for my ever thirsty soul. Strike a match, let the fire within my heart consume my very soul. Let the fire of Your love seep out of my very pores; until it can be felt, by anyone that comes within ten thousand feet from my heart. I don’t even care, it they too catch on fire. Let Your love within my soul, be what sets their hearts ablaze; let love not be just a flickering flame!

Let my soul burn until my heart is ashes; six feet down, and Your love becomes the only recognizable part of my soul. My heart is the house, but Your love is the fire that burns within. The edges of my heart can feel the flames. Fan the flames, let Your love burn; until it’s felt, within the very depth of my soul!



Many rivers, that’s what so many hearts have cried. So many bridges they’ve had to build, but so many still can’t bring themselves to cross; the bridges are broken hearts. So the river becomes a flood, deep within the soul. So many hearts, are just trying not to be swept away. Fear becomes the anchor, loneliness is the sure; but becoming just another river!

So many rivers, flowing is the silent river, raging is the current. Hearts are drowning; the river became the deep blue. Can they ever find a way to get over… it won’t be so easy; if they continue to cry themselves a river. So many rivers, but there’s still the cross… over on the other side. You can get there, there you will discover; that you can find so much strength, within a river!

Whenever you feel the water becoming a stream, and it’s flowing down into your soul; let your river flow into the cliffs of the rock. I know that you’ve seen so many rivers, but all rivers have a way to get across. Your soul will never be washed up, your burdens will just be washed away. There’s a reason for life, there’s a reason for your life. Even if you feel lost, you can still find your heart alive; at the cross I point!

Let the King of your heart, be the reason why you want to cross. Let His love be the fountain, you drink from, the song that sings within your soul. The wind for why you sail, your anchor; secure within the waves. You have no reason to fear, don’t be afraid to be drowned within God’s love. Revival can be yours within the river, just say; flow river flow!

The king’s heart is in the hand of the LORD, Like the rivers of water; He turns it wherever He wishes.

‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭21:1‬ ‭NKJV‬‬


Life; The Fight!

Life, can sometimes come at you hard; that you think you’re in a fight, a fight for your life. I learned at an early age, how to bob and weave pretty good. Float like a butterfly, no; I wasn’t the greatest, but I knew how to hold my own… heart. Life just wouldn’t allow me to catch my breath, so I just held it all in; breathing seemed to be optional. But life still decided to hit me with a sucker punch; it knocked me to One knee. I was absolutely stunned; life should have known, I wasn’t about to stay down. So I gathered up my pride, stuck it back in my heart and said; life, is that all you have… to offer?

So I got off my knee, got back in the fight; only to continue with the same bobbing and weaving routine. I wasn’t a sucker. Yeah, I said it… to myself. I knew how to take a punch, sometimes; it was like I was fighting my own heart. My bout with life got intense, this went on for fifteen… years. Sure, I got in my share of jabs; just to show life that my heart was in it to win it. But in the fifteenth… year, the hand of life shifted; my heart. It rocked me to my core, it made me do a serious gut check. Life was tough, a formidable opponent for sure. Life hit me with a blow; it brought me face to face with a Cross!

The encounter sent me to both my knees, so this time I prayed; for mercy. Oh Lord, my heart felt it; the shift. I could have avoided the Cross, but it was time to change my approach to life. I thought this time it would be the ten count, but it wasn’t counted as a knockdown. Just a moment to give my heart a new perspective, on life. My heart finally realized that we can’t go toe to toe with life, without the Faith to believe; that we can conquer life’s battles. Life is a contact sport, a fight; my heart was being prepared to face a Champion. Undisputed has been His title, amazing is the character. Just being in the presence; my heart knew that this is the Greatest!

Life’s objective, is not to win all the fights, but to keep us so distracted; that we don’t even realize our true potential. Life, you are truly a worthy opponent, but I’ve learned within my heart this simple truth. That it’s not about how hard life hits; but how hard you can get hit, and still keep moving forward. Faith, hope, love; strengths, within the right character to endure. Life is a fight, just don’t let the past; be what determines your future. Having the spirit that fights, that’s the start; wisdom is the crucial element. To know that life is best fought, with a surrendered heart!



Whenever the night tries to hold on to my soul. My heart awakens within the darkness, to assure my soul; the light is the anchor that holds. So I opened up my heart; the night gives way to the dawn. The anchor that grips my heart, it’s within the solid rock that steadies my soul. My heart is now locked within a gaze, anchored forever within a love; a love anchor deep within my soul. My soul is free, and my heart is forever nailed to the rock; where the anchor holds!

When the storm of life rages, peace has always been the stillness. The waves rise, but the tide has already turned. My heart finds rest within a calm, knowing the anchor holds. So I walk by faith, what I see; will only be on the surface, of what can truly be. Watered down, will never be my soul; my heart will never be shipwrecked, because I know the anchor holds!

Heavy sometimes becomes my heart, but my soul is forever attached to a hope; that the anchor will forever hold. The chains have been broken, cast aside are the irons; to a heart that knows how to be broken, gracefully. God’s love is the moor, my heart is just a vessel. Anchored to the rock will my heart truly be. Free, yes, my soul will forever be; to the rock that never ages. Firm and securely fasten for years has been my soul. My heart is built on only one foundation; that God’s love will forever be the cornerstone. The truth, my soul now holds on to; anchored, that will forever be my heart!