Ignite The Fire Within!

I hope you truly don’t mind if I pour out my love upon Your heart? You surely must know that Your love is like gas on my fire? Your love is the spark, that forever lights my heart. So ignite my soul, until the fire of Your love burns deep within. Fuel my heart with Your love, until it burns out of control; let it burn forever, within my soul.

To most people, this poem might seem a bit self serving; this is absolutely just that. I need Your love, to be what completely fills my heart. So don’t ever stop, my heart could never ever get enough of Your love. What else can my heart say; Your love is the high octane fuel, that powers my soul. Sure, it might seem as if I’m pouring it on extra thick? But it’s a thin line between love and hate. So I would love, if You could fill me up with every bit of Your love. I would hate, for You to ever stop; just let it overflow!

Fill me up fill me up. Your love is like water, for my ever thirsty soul. Strike a match, let the fire within my heart consume my very soul. Let the fire of Your love seep out of my very pores; until it can be felt, by anyone that comes within ten thousand feet from my heart. I don’t even care, it they too catch on fire. Let Your love within my soul, be what sets their hearts ablaze; let love not be just a flickering flame!

Let my soul burn until my heart is ashes; six feet down, and Your love becomes the only recognizable part of my soul. My heart is the house, but Your love is the fire that burns within. The edges of my heart can feel the flames. Fan the flames, let Your love burn; until it’s felt, within the very depth of my soul!


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