Lost, lost within your love; my heart wants to be lost, let my heart get lost within your love!

Closer, closer to your heart; draw me closer, let my love get closer to your heart!

Deeper, deeper into your heart; let my love move deeper, move my love deeper into your heart!

Glimpses, my heart has only noticed glimpses. Let my heart, behold the fullness; let my love gaze endlessly, into your heart!

Facet, every facet of your beauty. My heart is captivated, my soul wants to be forever consumed; by the beauty within every single facet of your love!

Show, show my heart how to get lost. Pull my heart closer, take my soul deeper. Let my love see more than just glimpses, let my heart experience every facet. Show my love how to get lost, lost forever within your heart!

Amazing, your love is truly amazing; your love never ceases to amaze. Nestled, my heart feels so amazing; nestled against your love. But my soul needs to be lost, lost forever within the deepest part of your heart. Found, my heart can forever be found lost. Going deeper, getting that much closer; to your heart!


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