Life; The Fight!

Life, can sometimes come at you hard; that you think you’re in a fight, a fight for your life. I learned at an early age, how to bob and weave pretty good. Float like a butterfly, no; I wasn’t the greatest, but I knew how to hold my own… heart. Life just wouldn’t allow me to catch my breath, so I just held it all in; breathing seemed to be optional. But life still decided to hit me with a sucker punch; it knocked me to One knee. I was absolutely stunned; life should have known, I wasn’t about to stay down. So I gathered up my pride, stuck it back in my heart and said; life, is that all you have… to offer?

So I got off my knee, got back in the fight; only to continue with the same bobbing and weaving routine. I wasn’t a sucker. Yeah, I said it… to myself. I knew how to take a punch, sometimes; it was like I was fighting my own heart. My bout with life got intense, this went on for fifteen… years. Sure, I got in my share of jabs; just to show life that my heart was in it to win it. But in the fifteenth… year, the hand of life shifted; my heart. It rocked me to my core, it made me do a serious gut check. Life was tough, a formidable opponent for sure. Life hit me with a blow; it brought me face to face with a Cross!

The encounter sent me to both my knees, so this time I prayed; for mercy. Oh Lord, my heart felt it; the shift. I could have avoided the Cross, but it was time to change my approach to life. I thought this time it would be the ten count, but it wasn’t counted as a knockdown. Just a moment to give my heart a new perspective, on life. My heart finally realized that we can’t go toe to toe with life, without the Faith to believe; that we can conquer life’s battles. Life is a contact sport, a fight; my heart was being prepared to face a Champion. Undisputed has been His title, amazing is the character. Just being in the presence; my heart knew that this is the Greatest!

Life’s objective, is not to win all the fights, but to keep us so distracted; that we don’t even realize our true potential. Life, you are truly a worthy opponent, but I’ve learned within my heart this simple truth. That it’s not about how hard life hits; but how hard you can get hit, and still keep moving forward. Faith, hope, love; strengths, within the right character to endure. Life is a fight, just don’t let the past; be what determines your future. Having the spirit that fights, that’s the start; wisdom is the crucial element. To know that life is best fought, with a surrendered heart!


25 thoughts on “Life; The Fight!

  1. Reblogged this on Something to Stu Over and commented:
    am sharing this because there are way too many tidbits in here to not share.

    What a wonderful story Warren gives us. One of how life can knock us down and bring us to our knees.

    A testimony, if you will, of how life sucker punched him, kicked him and knocked him until finally he came face to face with the cross. Life didn’t change after that encounter…Warren did.

    As I said there are so many tidbits in here but this one spoke the most to me and it just happens to be true…To know that life is best fought, with a surrendered heart!

    God bless you brother!

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    1. Amen! I truly appreciate your wonderful comment. You got the essence of the story, the first fifteen years was the toughest. By all means, share it with your readers, we all have similar kinds of stories. Blessings to you!

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  2. Life’s objectives, is not to win all the fights, but to keep us so distracted; that we don’t even realize our true potential.

    I really like this quote. Satan has many ways to distract me. When I “awake from my sleep” I realize I could have gone back to him at any time I wanted. Nevertheless, Jesus welcomes me back, and I get on with the joy of serving Him.

    Thank you Warren for this post. Thank you Stu for reblogging it.

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    1. Thank you, nuggets is correct! That’s my heart, to leave the reader with a thought provoking take away. I do have lots of quotes I’ve written, even in all the pictures I post. If my schedule permits, I will accept the challenge! God bless!


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    Do you have any solutions to help fix this issue?

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