Life; Pieces Of A Puzzle!

How do I get to the heart of the matter? One song writer says to; “Get Jiggy with it,” but I know that it’s not that simple. I love a good mystery, so why can’t I see what’s right in front of me, better yet; how do I fix the pieces? When I first believed that I could, it was so clear within my heart and mind; but now I’m not too sure, if I even have it within me? This is a mess; life can make things seem scattered into so many pieces. I can clearly see what I have to do, so why can’t I seem to get it right? This is absolutely frustrating, truly puzzling; that I can’t figure this out, but I’m absolutely determined to make this work!

Nobody said that it was going to be easy, and I’m not going to allow myself to fall to pieces over this; quitting is not an option. Spirit, help; me to rely on you, guide my heart. My eyes may not always see clearly, but if a heart is truly open; all mysteries shall be revealed. My heart knew how to see the big picture. The struggle was never about seeing, but having the faith to believe; in what only a heart can truly see!

So I took a step back, to start with the end in mind; to know what my heart is truly trying to see? Even if you could get the pieces to fit perfectly, you would still have to do it over and over; if you decide to just put your heart back into a box. God’s love is the key; to know what is true perfection. Puzzling, isn’t it, that a heart thinks that because it gets close to God. The heart now becomes the key; to unlock the puzzles within a heart!

Even relationships are like a puzzle; when you think that you’ve got it all figured out. You still need to put the right pieces into place, just so your heart knows; to see real love, your heart always needs to be vertical. Yeah, it’s hard at times to see clearly, but with true dedication. Even the small pieces; helps to make all things, work together. All that’s truly needed, is just a little faith; to give you those unforgettable aha moments. To know that God’s love is the unseen hand, that moves our hearts. Giving us the ability; to put all the pieces, into the right places!


17 thoughts on “Life; Pieces Of A Puzzle!

  1. It is very hard to see at times where you are being lead. There are many set backs along the way, but you are right, all we do need is just a little faith the size of that mustard seed and to keep on just believing. What I have found that God is so patient and we are so impatient. We think we know what He’s about and then realize we have to make a little tweak. I have learn to be less frustrated as I keep walking on this path.

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      1. No it’s not an easy road. I use to look at the wilderness experience in a very negative light, but now I see it a little differently. God chose to take the Israelites that way for their own protection and it was to be an 11 day journey, but ended up being 40 years because of disobedience. This is a great lesson for us to learn from. With strict obedience (which is hard to do) the journey or the lesson we need to learn can be much shorter. And beyond the wilderness is the promise land. The sea of emotions, keep giving them to Him. 😁 I usually take my hands and throw them over shoulder as I give Jesus all my burdens. Many negative thoughts would weigh me down, then I would always hear Him through His Holy Spirit reminding me not to think negative. I don’t have to be reminded as much any longer. So keep looking up, take hold of the hem of His garment and don’t let go. Look back only to help another up. It’s a tough road but I truly do believe He will be coming soon. Perseverance and faith really is needed. Blessings 🙏🏽🙏🏽

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