The Banner!

The banner, let God’s love forever be your banner. Let it not be just a lovely slogan, or something designed just to show. Let love be shown throughout our hearts, a true demonstration of love!

Let the banner be displayed within the window, let the world see into your soul. Let it announce the presence of a love, let the banner reveal how you truly feel; this love is King!

Let the banner be not just a feel good sign, that looks good. Let it not just be a posted note, stuck on the banner; but lacking stickability. Love is the glue, but a heart without true love will show signs; that it’s not a banner, but just a poster!

So plant your heart as a flag of love; let it fly higher, let it forever shine brighter. Show that the banner of love, is the highest flying banner within your heart. Show that your banner of love represents true royalty, the true monarchy; King Jesus!

A banner that flutters within your heart, a banner that is a display for your soul. A banner of true excellence, with an outstanding quality. The heading; The King is Among Us. Jesus Christ is our Banner; His Love Will Forever Reign!

Moses built an altar, and called it; The Lord is my Banner!

‭‭Exodus‬ ‭17:15‬ ‭


19 thoughts on “The Banner!

  1. Well, this is a different. I’ve never read a post on banners before. Such a great reminder how powerful a tool they too can be. I remember a church I used to attend, where they had beautiful banners hanging down their auditorium with Bible verses. Have a great day and keep writing friend.

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