The Symphony!

Your love, so instrumental to my heart; it’s turned my heart into a symphony, a love that strikes all the right chords. My heart is becoming a finely tuned stringed instrument. Your love pulls on my heartstrings, my soul sings. Me me me, let me sing of Your love; the sweetest of love songs. Your love plays my heart like a violin, rest Your love against my heart. Slide Your love across the surface of my heart, that’s all my heart needs. For Your love to become a symphony, my everlasting love song!

My heart can hear Your love, the sound, a symbol; crashing throughout my heart, moving my soul. Your love is truly the greatest, the greatest of symphonies; playing along with every single beat of my heart. Your love has such a tender melody, a love so tender. Moving my soul, with the breadth of Your love. My heart used to play like a high school musical, reminiscing back to the moment; the moment Your love touched my heart. Reminding me, that Your love has been a part of my heart; from my high school days!

Your love is the chorus within my song, repeating the words within my heart; My love, is Your love. That just strikes another cord, my heart and soul bands together; to hear the symphony. The perfect portrayal of passion and love within. Your love has been asking my heart to forever be Your soloist. If I could learn how to just keep my eyes, just on Your love; then I would truly know. Each moment Your love shifts my heart, and the key changes to a higher octave; within my soul. Your love wants my heart to know, the true rhythm of Your every heartbeat!

Sometimes my love comes across as if it’s a composition, of unsung ballads. Sometimes my love can B flat, but Your love has always been A-sharp, key change; that resounds within my soul. Your love has always been pitch perfect, my heart is forever in love; with the sheer perfection. My love has flaws, it will never be pitch perfect; but it’s now tipping the scale, at a C major. Your love has captured my gaze, captivated my heart. My soul is in awe, what a love symphony. My soul is embracing the changes, my heart is learning how to hear the right notes. Your love has forever affected my soul, striking up a percussion within my heart. Your love is a symphony, but now and always; my heart will forever be, Your orchestra!


30 thoughts on “The Symphony!

  1. Your love shifts my heart and the key changes to higher octave within my soul.
    What a beautiful line. The words are so delicate and profound, yet possess such simplicity. I literally fell in love with this extraordinary and beautiful piece of work.
    Even the title so perfectly compliments it. Just Wow! 😊
    Keep us bloggers glued by writing such amazing posts.
    Regards to you.
    Take care. πŸ™‚

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  2. You and your love, the way you love is all an inspiration to me !
    How wonderfully this has been written, so delicate yet so profound at the same time, with such plain words you expressed the sentiments that made my heart move ! ❀
    I absolutely loved this piece ! ❀

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