Forever, and A Day!

My soul, Your love has made my soul complete. My heart beats, it beats only because Your love; it moves my soul. You are the life, Your love is life; Your love gives my heart life, forever my lifeline. The sun shines, my heart doesn’t even cast a shadow. Doubts, are sometimes a slight glare across my mind; but they are just reflections, shadows. My heart doesn’t even give them any attention, Your love removes them all. Your love will forever continue to shine bright, within my heart. My gaze, will forever be fixed; upon Your love. A love that is, that will forever be; my world. A world, that would absolutely be darker; if not for Your love. If Your love wasn’t the sun, that continually revolves around my heart!

There used to be these seconds, that turned into minutes; that became my darkest hours. Your love, and my heart were truly at odds. My heart was wrestling, for answers; the months, seemed like years. That was because day after day, I just didn’t truly know how; to let Your love, get back to the center of my heart. The blockage, do You truly; love me? But Your love never wavered, forever stayed the same. Gently wrestling, faithfully loving, patiently waiting; for my foolish heart to see. That Your love has forever been, the best part of my heart and soul.

Then the season changed, the coldness; the bitterness, within my wintery heart. Became the best summer loving, that has forever set my soul on fire. This truly in love heart of mine, could never ever again picture; a life without Your love. The fire that set my heart ablaze, the poetry within my soul; that makes me truly whole. I pledge again to You my heart, my soul; for the here and now. Then forever, and a day; then when forever comes. My heart will absolutely still be in love; forevermore!


26 thoughts on “Forever, and A Day!

  1. True love, bo doubt and well expressed, too! I especially love this line:

    Doubts, are sometimes a slight glare across my mind; but they are just reflections; shadows, Your love removes them all.

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