Song Inspired; When Love was Born!

It was a Holy night, a night Divine. It was a starlit night, the starlight shone bright. But a love was shining brighter, than all the stars in the sky. It was an Amazing night, God’s glory; the light of Heaven. In a manger, laid the Prince of heaven. A babe wrapped in cloth, the incarnate word of God. Shepherds watched, and angels filled the midnight sky. Singing praises, singing Hallelujah; the King is born. A perfect child, with a gentle love; God’s holy Son. The Prince of peace, Emmanuel. Love came down, the gift given to you and me. The night, when Christ was born. Forevermore, hearts will never be the same. A mother’s Joy, but Mary did you know? When you leaned in to take a kiss, you kissed the face of God? Close your eyes, see the night; When Love was Born!

Now we are accepted, we are forgiven. Our hearts no longer forsaken, our souls no longer condemned. Jesus, we are alive in You; mercy said no. Grace was given, to give hearts a story to tell. Before love was born, the flame of love was but a flicker. But before it burned out, love came to light the flame. To show hearts the way, out of the darkness. We thought we knew best, but God knew better. You put the light of love, back into the world. The amazing love that came, died, and rose. The love that now shines, for all the world to see. Close your eyes, open up your heart and see; the night When Love was Born!

Amazing love, You are the house on the hill; shining bright for all to see. The light sent to show, what true love was meant to be. We are to be a light, shining brighter to let the world see. A love that burns deeper, a soul consumes by the light of heaven. From the moment our hearts rise, let your soul be held… within God’s loving embrace. When our hearts forgot how to breathe, His love becomes the breath; that gave our soul’s everlasting life. We know to love, because He first loved us. Even though the days are getting shorter, the nights getting darker. The world has made plans, But God… has His plan. Oh, close your eyes. Let your heart see the night, When Love was Born!

This Song Inspired, is a song by Mark Mitchell Schultz. A contemporary Christian music artist, released: 2009. Also a shoutout to my wife. She built the manger in the picture last year. Everything except the figurines, was designed and hand crafted by her. Including the scroll, the pail hanging on the manger, the water bowl. Have a wonderful weekend!


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