At Home!

At home. I tell you, your love is at home; nestled up against my heart. The world has become so cold, but in my heart. The love is crackling, the fire is burning; the flame still blazing. My soul doesn’t even need to worry, how dark the nights. Underneath the light of heaven, how a heart shines. Why I’m staying here a while, yeah; just until forever. My soul is content, and the warmth of Your love gives, puts my heart at ease. Rest your love against my heart, let my soul hum a love song. May every single heartbeat, be a love that sounds like music. May my love, make your heart feel… At Home!

Take what you need, take as much as your heart can truly hold. You see, God has filled my heart with so much love. It’s in abundance, so everyone in need can feel His love. I will never run out, and will never be in short supply. There’s an overflow, every day it gets filled up again. To share with a heart, in need of a little encouragement. A soul that feels hope is being unraveled, a heart feeling a little tattered. Life is flawed, and yes; a heart has so many flaws, but yet still so much beauty. So, embrace the new day. Don’t wait for a new year, step into a new season. Hope found, will always be the light of God shining… for all the world to see. Lighting the way, for the next step in the journey; called life. Let faith be, what fights for you. Never stop, believing that you have the heart of a fighter!

At home. Yes, let me tell you; a heart is the home for love. Mine I don’t mind sharing, and it doesn’t matter whatever the season; the love never stops caring. I know love, so therefore I give love. Most people think seasons, means the time of year? But the real season, means a change in your life. A season that needs to change, on what you put your hope. A season yet to come, what a heart sees by faith. That God’s love, will surely bring you through it all. Why He sent the Son, to show the way. Why I am making room, a place reserved; right next to my heart. May it help you not just see, but feel the warmth of God’s love; and make your heart forever feel… At Home!


18 thoughts on “At Home!

  1. I love this season even though the last 9 yrs, being separated from my boys during the holidays is a challenge. It’s the time of year that everybody is more kind to one another, we remember what really matters and that is our belief that God is so glorious and provides all that we enjoy in this life. Many blessings to you and yours Warren during this holiday season and wishing you a very happy New Year 2020😊

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  2. I love this! Especially the thought, “Most people think seasons, means the time of year? But the real season, means a change in your life. A season that needs to change.” That season often times breaks our hearts, but results in a tender and soft heart that God can use.

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