What is Revealed!

I have breath, but that’s not how my heart… knows to breathe. We all have life, but true love living, is not about being barely conscious… of what life is truly meant to be. Breath can be taken, a lung can collapse under pressure. A heart can even stop beating, but what is Revealed, the soul can still live… beyond breath. Many can become deep in thought, but yet never have a deeper understanding. A thought, without the heart acting in concert; becomes just a faded after thought. A mind can seem woke, but yet the heart… still not enlightened. The soul can know life after death, but without knowing where hope is found? The heart and mind become locked, within a Spirited debate. The heart has the fortitude to understand, what the mind perceives to be… a limitation!

Many hearts are engaged more within breathing, and not concerned with the living. We should trust what the heart knows to be true, and not everything that can only be seen. Sight is wonderful, but limited. Faith has always been the higher understanding, and what is therefore unseen; Revealed as the attainable. Revelations are not truths, because of what the mind thinketh; but what the heart believes. Death is a kiss, that comes to seduce the mind. Why we need to guard the heart, and not let it steal the true purpose.. to life. So many think, life is about having the right senses; it’s a realization. You can be rescued, holding on to a truth. But You can never be saved, until the truth gets a hold of you. What is Revealed… to the heart? Faith is the breadth, every time Hope takes a breath. Faith is the evidence, to what your heart already believes!

Father, may What is Revealed, to hearts around the world. That a particular view of the world, is Not the solution. But You, as the Only answer… for the world! “When Jesus spoke again to the people, He said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me, will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” John 8:12 NIV


9 thoughts on “What is Revealed!

  1. Excellent post there are always difference between mind and heart, along with soul. I take heart as spirit which is our personality in a spiritual form which encases the soul from harm. The soul is like a recording system and can rewind to any point in our own time. The mind is limited in its understanding and the heart or spirit engages in a type of translation. Umm Bless you Warren.

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  2. Amen! Beautiful prayer. Love this…“The heart has the fortitude to understand, what the mind perceives to be… a limitation!” Where the mind ends our heart begins. ❤️😊

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