Fun Friday; Shake-the-Speare!

Romeo, oh Romeo, wherefore art thy love? Is it in a love for places, or placed forever in a love; that will take thy soul, to a swept away place? Don’t deny thy father, don’t deny thee thy heart. Make haste, place deep into thy quiver my love, for I’m madly. Draw back, but not from my love. You, my bow, the arrow, my love; let it pierce thy heart. Keep thy eyes on me, I AM.. the prize; let thy heart be thine forever. Cherish my love, never refuse thee my heart. Romeo, oh Romeo. Arrest thy heart my love shall, lock thy love deeply; within my captivating gaze. Thy love is to the world, to me; thy means the world. Oh, thy love is the world; but am I… in thy heart? Don’t just be a player, player; love the playground. This play, thy love of world; an Act one, Seen two… often. You’ve been given a moment, a time to truly let thy love shine. Oh, don’t make my heart; a dramatic play… on words, tongue and cheek. Don’t play the fool… in love. In thy heart, let my love rule. I AM… here, death is our forever. My love waits for you, within the stillness. Speak thy heart, but bare thy soul!

Romeo, oh Romeo; wherefore art thy love? Deny the world, but never deny the father… thy heart. Don’t let tomorrow, be thy desire. Thy love should never be, just a theatrical performance, a passionately done play… of words. Don’t play a part, know the right words. Love is meant to be true, a satisfying; deeply felt relationship. Don’t thrust pointy weaponized words, upon another. Hold thy tongue, only speak life. Hear no, see no, speak no… evilous words. Heartfelt words, a blessing to the soul. Romeo, oh, Romeo. Let me set the stage, for the stage is being set. There a hole in the bucket… list. If I AM… not in it, to fill thy heart. Thy love, grasping at the straw… man. Any other love, will be the pail… in comparison; to a love like thine. Trying to romance the world, will leave thy soul empty. You need a love, that will quicken thy heart. Leave the drama behind, and come with thy heart wide open. Hear what is said, but listen to what is heard. Parting the world, is such sweet sorrow. When we meet again, face to face… the end!

Being distanced, doesn’t have to mean disconnected. Not seeing eye to eye, still a moment for a heart to heart. Feeling like the days, are just being washed away? This is about having the perspective. You can’t take a deeper dive, if fear won’t let your heart see how to define; what is truly, washed away? Shake-up-the-Spare… moment. Go in one way, but come out on the other side forever knowing; deeply loved! Finally, thy faithful brothers, and thy beloved sisters. Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is righteous, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable; ponder such things!


13 thoughts on “Fun Friday; Shake-the-Speare!

  1. What a great perspective and light hearted way of viewing this. I feel like this is how I’m using my time. Sitting in deep introspection learning to love myself and God more.

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