What Saves!

Having breath, not what my soul relies on… to breathe. But knowing how to breathe, not what keeps my heart… beating. I know how to rise, but had to know; on what I stand? Vertical, how my heart learned; to lift up my faith. Hope found, through this one tree… leaves, the path; the follow. The cost, the price… paid. To get my soul to the place, called Grace. Whenever my heart felt trapped, drowning beneath the coldness. A world full of so much, but not enough warmth. To protect my soul, the walls up… around my heart. Not let the doubts in, the unbelief of others; capsize my faith. Through it all, a heart, breathing. But at times, the gasping… through the last straw. A heart in distress, a soul trying to find rest, but first the test; to bring forth the best. Through the understanding of true breadth, to what saves; gave my every breath!

The love, saved my soul; to become a heart drowning, breathless. A heart forever moved, by an ocean of love. To fathom true depth, the move was continuous; the destination, deeper. Even though darkness fills the skies, thy love hovers. Evening came, morning came; the next day, a calm… over my soul. A love that has me by the heart, but every day still the need; to offer up every breath. Even if, the love is received not by all. Through the amazingly, the glory will still shine. The love will never die, when the true breadth is known. Thy love, the song upon my heart; the melody within my soul. Every day, underneath my every breath. When my soul cries, let Your love forever be; What Saves!

What if, my heart didn’t want to drown, in the forever? Would my soul even know, how to breathe?

What if, my soul didn’t want to feel overwhelmed, by a tidal wave of eMotion? Would the air within my lungs, be enough to sustain; the breadth within my heart?

What if, my soul didn’t want to gaze forever, into Your heart. Could this heart of mine, truly know endless? A love that shimmers so bright, beyond amazing?

What if, the rhythm of my heart was not so erratic? Would anyone be able to tell, what it truly means to be; a soul profoundly moved, by every facet of thy love?

What if, what if? What if I would just stop holding my breath, please tell my heart this. Would my soul truly know how to breathe, if every day my heart, and soul didn’t know; Your love, What Saves?


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