Field of Dreams!

What you battle, can leave lasting scars. But though scarred, flawed; just a part of life. Scars, not meant to reflect; why a heart should stop living. To ever stop believing, your heart won’t see; what others call impossible. In life, we can get scarred; walking a path touching, what seems to be so rosy. A blemish, every deeply felt wound; doesn’t mean scarred for life. Though, some battles leave deep scars. At every dawn, go and face the day. You don’t have to know in what direction, to reach your destination. You need to have all the answers, to believe you have a destiny. Someone might be looking, to see what a victorious life can look like. Knowing how to, deeply love; can forever change a life… yours. That’s how you leave, a lasting mark on a world. Oversimplified, not what the battles become. It just simply means, a simplified living; it’s just living your best life. In the fundamental, live a life; that displays the wonder, a soul living though the thunder. Tearing, doesn’t mean you’re losing. Even though, the past becomes another day feeling hurt. A broken road, doesn’t mean you will be defeated. Scars fade, when you believe you’re a victor; not a victim. The battles, the tug of war… on the heartstrings. It doesn’t matter how fierce the battle, it becomes a moment to show; how far your heart has truly come. When, you have the heart of a warrior; an overcomer you shall become. Every battle scar, let it be a testimony. Healing, is hope found. A heart guarded, living with a resounding faith. A heart leaned, in the art what it takes, to win the war. Scars, don’t define who you are; they prove your resolve. Scarred, and the picture they paint. To be portrayed, as battles that has truly turned into; a field of dreams!


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