Looking back, seeing how far the distance; between heart and soul. The vision, becoming such an obstructed 20/20. What becomes the peripheral, and what you let be the distraction. Undistracted devotion, becomes the manifestation. When a heart, no longer fears the unknown. Why look forward, to what the gain will be tomorrow. If your heart, haven’t yet learned to see; what your soul, truly gets to appreciate today. Seeing only through the peripheral, a heart losing the right perspective. When the peripheral is obscured, the lens becomes the mismatch. When the projection, becomes how fashionable the outermost. The focus, still provoking a thoughtful question. What, will therefore become the state of the innermost? When the focused surroundings, doesn’t become on Who truly surrounds you? A heart, tends to be on edge; when the periphery becomes marginalized. Living on the edge, never a point truly relevant. When a heart forever needs to be in a place, where a soul can find true peace, and its relevancy. Living truly, first starts with a soul knowing freely. Every incident faced, should never be dismissed, as merely incidental. Every heart encounter, will be a soul one way, or another being deeply impacted. When the peripheral, becomes the sought after material. The immaterial, may easily become; something of an even greater value. Why it becomes truly vital, to not let your heart be easily persuaded; see life through a tainted view. When a heart, is truly ready to be propelled forward. Hope found, will be an enlighten faith… within. Even if, the heart feels overshadowed by the day; the unknown, will therefore never become the fear. Unprecedented, may seem so difficult to understand. But, perseverance precedes true clarity. Even when, what your heart envisioned, becomes a bit obscured!


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