Rest Your Love, Within My Heart!

Rest your heart, within my love. I promise, I will treasure it deeply. Your love, will truly be my everything. Don’t even worry, if I seem a bit lost for words. It’s just because, your love; has a way of leaving my heart so speechless. Even though, my heart is overflowing with so much to say. But, how can this heart of mine; find words to describe a love so divine? That’s why, my heart always has such a need. To be a soul at rest, deep within your loving embrace. A heart forever melting, within the warmth of your love. Oh, won’t you let it be forever; a heart resting quietly, upon your shoulder? A heart needing know, to what heights your love will take my soul. Your love picks me up, whenever a weary heart; just needs to know the strength of your love. Your love, is truly head and shoulders. Above all my needs, and ever single want. Let forever rest my soul, against the depth of your love. Just so, my heart can undeniably proclaim. That the breadth of your love, truly has no measure. You hear my beating heart, and every breath therein. A heart resting peacefully, in my only comfort zone. A soul, lying absolutely breathless against you, my heart. The place where my soul will forever say, your love will forever have a home. So, Rest your love, within my heart!


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