Your love speaks, every breadth echoes resoundingly. I am moved, imagining what will become of my soul. Clear every obstacle, relentlessly kick down every single wall; desperately trying to block out the day. Whenever my soul gets anxious, Your love becomes the only thing; that can quiet my heart. Don’t allow any barriers, to come between what Your love truly means, and how much closer my heart needs to be. A realigned mind, body, soul. Speak, let Your love breathe. Let my heart, be absolutely lost to find words. Make the breadth of love so loud, let Your love be all; my heart will forever hear. Tell my heart, to hush, and just listen; for what You will have of my soul? Let Your love be, the only spoken word. Let my heart resoundingly affirm; it is well, with my soul. The softer my heart becomes, the more Your love becomes the breathless living word. My heart and soul wants to know, how to truly listen; Speak!


13 thoughts on “Speak!

  1. Beautifully penned Warren!
    He has told us to be still and be anxious for nothing for He has not given us the spirit of fear but of peace and of sound mind.
    His unending and unwavering love is a reassurance, that truly, He is with us—always.

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