Nourished by the word, Your love, my forever portion. Your heart, the eternal feast. Contentment, it fills the soul. A heart full, thankful to see how amazing grace, truly satisfies every need. In this dry, and a thirsty land. More than food for thought, Your presence is water. The most refreshing love, providing a soul with so much substance. For inspiration, for so much growth; through a health, and enlightened perspective. For the love to truly be, nourishment for every tomorrow. It starts, with what a heart consistently partakes of… today. Our daily bread, that comes wrapped to be the bread of heaven. To fill a heart, a soul knowing abundantly feed. Until there’s absolutely no need, for any other substitute like love. The bread of life, love that faithfully sustains. A heart and soul, maintained gracefully. So, when the moment creates a lack. The nurturing love therein, gives the heart a cherished way to push back. A soul, nourished by the word. A heart, deeply moved by the breadth!


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