When Love Collides!

When the day, collides with your heart. And every breath seems not enough, to sustain both heart, and soul. When the feeling, becomes likened to a soul, at a lose. Your words become a runaway, a heart giving chase… to find. Every heartbeat, knowing the breathless love. But yet a soul, colliding against the gentle breadth. How, could anyone believe it to be an accident? When my every breath, no longer has to grasp to be in control. A heart being intentional, trying to let go every meaningless restraint. My true foundation, therein to be revealed; as my greatest strength. Every collision of love, helps my heart to firmly stand… the test, of time. The deepest love, colliding against every rocky sure. The sands of time, never to be the change in depth. Every encounter, every shift; becoming a love much deeper. The presence, revealed in a heart revealed; here, now, forever. To know the true gravity, within a weightless love. In the silence, in the toss and the turns. The river, a constant flow. Colliding, breathlessly with a deep ocean. Having little strength, to keep on swimming. Doesn’t mean having no hope, that the current; won’t be soul, needing to go deeper. Strength to strength, faith to faith. Glory to glory, revealed when; the love collides profusely. A soul caught up, in the rapture therein. A heart stirred, beyond just emotions. But living deeply, in the forever. Every collision, meant to be breathtaking. The love playing, like a symphony. Every cord pulling strings, like a heavenly song. The power of love colliding, divinely with heart and soul!


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