Faithful Love!

Faithfully, Your love gently loving on my soul. A faithful love, in You I have found forever. Comfort for my soul, for safe keeping I give my heart. Your love, offers my soul so much hope. A heart fallen, is a soul desperately needing; to be closer to Your heart. A soul hungering for the love, a heart yearning; to be faithfully full by love. Your heart is so unwavering, so faithful; to be my greatest joy. A heart taken by splendor, captivated by the beauty. Let my adoration be a heart, filled with the essence of Your love. The breadth, moves my soul. Leaves my heart truly speechless, moved beyond words. What words could my heart ever find, to encapsulate a love so faithful. Speech optional, living deep within Your heart. A love so redeeming, for a heart living breathlessly abandoned. A soul rescued, only to be a heart swept away. Beneath the water, every tear a poured out; bottled up emotions. Mercy, Your love has brought my heart to this place. Overwhelmed, knowing how hopelessly lost my soul would be. If Your love wasn’t so faithful, wanting to gracefully be my forever. Your love has my soul, drowning breathless within the ocean. My heart touched, deeply by the love. Your love, such a wonderful friend. Never hesitating to let my soul, find rest so close to Your heart. Why my heart, can’t help but to press deeper into a love. In weakness, Your love becomes the strength; My Faithful Love!


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