Overwhelmed, by the tenderness, the faithfulness. Each breathtaking glimpse, into a love beyond words. Oh, my soul; captivated by the breadth, the scope. The length Your love is willing to go, to know my heart. Your love, recklessly stormed the gate to my heart. Then, patiently waited at the door. For my soul to trust You, with the key to my heart. To be no more castles built, just to crumble back into sand. It’s overwhelming, how graceful the love walks with me. How gracefully, it speaks to my heart. My comfort, the peace; walking throughout your soul. A love over my head, but so close it hovers. And moves, underneath every breath. Such an immense impact, what the love has been. A heart taken, by the awe. Captured, forever by the beauty. A heart, being overpowered, by the essence therein. Just thinking about the goodness, makes it hard to not be overwhelmed. A heart overcome, by waves of emotion. A soul drowning, living in the breathless wonder. To know the unfathomable depth, into the deep. Forever, will be my soul in search. Your love, will surely make the way possible. For a heart to know, how deep the love… truly goes? To let it be my heart, living in the sweet surrender. Overwhelmed, in heart and thought. A soul forever feeling, a love deeply moving. Your love, my shadow on the ground; and in the moonlight shining down!

A heart, loving in the open. Because fear, no longer has a hold on my soul. In Your love, I’m forever held. Every loving touch, becomes a love deeper felt. For a love, willing to give such overwhelming dedication. Should be a love, getting a heart’s undistracted devotion. Your love, chose to believe in me. When believing in love, only an imaginative contemplation. A love impressed, to become a love pressed into, more and more. A soul deeply touched, a heart profoundly changed. Your heart is, the candle within my soul. A heart becoming, light as a feather. Being forever blown away, by breadth within the love. A crimson love, radiating with every color of love. A love that heard my heart, even every silent heartbeat. Saw that the silent river in me, would become Your deep ocean. Into me You see, Your love, is my forever. Meet me here, make my soul forever be. Overwhelmed, living breathless. Deep, within the stillness… of Your heart. Your love sought my heart, when my soul needed to know, an overwhelming love. A soul, no longer wandering. Trying to avoid the cracks, on my feeling broken road. You are the voice of love, that shattered the silence; with just a tender whispering. A love that descending, like a dove. To be a soul knowing free, to soar high on the wings of love. All that was wrong, Your love makes it right. The strength of Your love, pushing against even the slightest doubt. Overwhelming, wouldn’t be my heart again tomorrow. Every breath, being overwhelmingly swept away. A soul wanting nothing less, be a heart in this place. Left Speechless, and Overwhelmed!


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