The Story!

Your heart, is The Story; Your love, a song. This Story, about what’s in your heart. The love, that can calm fears; the breadth like a sweet lullaby. My soul, can curl up next to your heart. But, before it rocks me to sleep. You, always know how to read my heart. Loving you tell my soul, the night will be alright. Your heart, will be there at the dawn. You’re amazing, that’s; the best part of The Story. Every day, it Story Time. The T to the H to the E… asy does it heart; “The Story, it’s not about U!” This Story, about The Word; that will shape the heart, and the mind. It all, starts with one word; “LOVE!” But, for every Story to truly resonate? It starts with the conText. So, let me take you back to the beginning; introduce you to my heart!

The Story, began with my heart learning to crawl. Then walk, with confidence. A soul ready, to run into the embrace, the loving arms of love. No words, a heart not yet have words. Baby steps, what steadied the heart; to understand the true breadth of life. Love, becomes a language. At the point, when your soul has a Story; that only your heart can express. Love, hovers in the air. The soul, teaches the heart how to speak. How to extract, the words lingering beneath the depth. Even when, the heart seems at a loss for words. Don’t get me wrong, every heart has a Story. But not every Story, has an happy ending. For any heart, learning how to deeply love. The Story, will always start with a struggle; convincing both heart and soul. To get, for the love to be… forever!

Sometimes, the Story reads like, your heart can definitely relate. Only, to later find out. The end, didn’t turn out, the same way the love began. A true love Story, not just about how it started. But, that the heart will stay engaged. Until the love, has exhaled; the soul taking its last breath. With, any good Love Story; for there to be true understanding. The heart, needs to be wide open. So, the true meaning can be captured, with depth of soul. For the heart to live, air is breathed. But, for the soul to thrive… in love. Breathless, needs to be part of the unforgettable Story. The never ending love, that became; your never ending Story. So, hearts get ready; it’s Story Time. Let the love, in you be seen, heard, read. As a truly believable, Love Story!


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