The Starry Gaze!

Into the night, the heart breathlessly gazing, deep into the twilight. In the moonlight, the soul twinkling throughout the starry night. In every star, that is, every breath that was. Love’s in the air, hovering in the afterglow. The heart resonating, feeling the warmth of love; the breadth of the heavenly. In the horizon, love is rising. The heart blazing, the soul on fire. With every imaginative contemplation, the heart circling; the innermost of the souls system, frolicking through the galactic stars. Every mission the adventure, to find the true meaning of love. Under the starlight, the soul watches in anticipation. To see how, love will shape the heart, by each captivating, display of what’s deeply divine. Love, opens the heart gate. Giving the soul, the breadth to soar, feeling the shimmering light. Gird Orion’s Belt, around what a soul in love won’t waste. The breathtaking moments, when a heart gets forever swept away, into the bliss. Love implodes, when the heart and soul becomes entwined; but not completely tethered. To the gravity, of what happens. When the heart loses sight, to what truly makes the love shine. Oh, I wish that you may, wish that you might. It never be lost sight, of the heart free falling, deeper in love tonight. Love of a lifetime, makes love a true lifestyle. A heart, savoring the moments. A soul, knowing the most ecliptic love. Love, should not be about anything; it should be everything. Knowing the one true, in a confidante. Love, not meant to be on the tip of the heart. A soul living, but on the edge of forever. Love, can’t be seen through the peripheral. It’s a capture, by the innermost. Revealed, through the outermost. In every heart, that will fix the soul, on the Starry Gaze!


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