Love Hovers!

Love hovers, between every breath. It lingers in the afterglow, waits in the shadows. Hides in plain sight, to hang on every word. It’s beneath a crimson tide, drifting upon waves. In the depth of an ocean, floating through the mist. In the roses red, in the violet blue. In the moonlight, part of the starlight; seen glistening in the sunlight. Lurking under the quiet, moves through the stillness. Love is in the air, love covers. Stays suspended, through the sands of time. Love is forever, poised in a romantic way. Acts out, to become a poetic sway. Love is excess, faithful through every mess, true in every test. Sticks around, stays close. Levitates, because it’s a wonder. Love’s bigger than life, the strength to conquer fear. Clarity, to see intimately; amplified, to be the greatest. Love, is heart and soul. Through every breadth, Love Hovers!


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